The nightly viscerality of andre


I just wanted to know how well it works now. Stayed up for long. 541 lines of code, but I feel like most of it is just debugging functions that report what might go wrong. But I am quite proud that I had the dignity to implement a verbose function from the beginning. twat has taught me well to not underestimate the features of debugging. There are other features I'm still hellbent on implementing, notably an automatic RSS generator. Flag -R with -w to post freshly written article, or maybe even -R -I, to share an older piece by ID. I know I don't want to be touching anything directly, but all the variables are there so that I shouldn't have to. I do want to find out how to have the entire post appear in the 'preview' section in some readers, though. Should be a pushover. I will finally take this opportunity to create a separate RSS feed for only English material.

Legs of depravity

I thought about connecting it with teige, but for basic automa it seems irrelevant. However, I can't shake the good feeling that I've written my own markdown 'competitor'. Before andre sees his initial public release, a method of uploading images will be implemented. It already has support for static media - it will take name after each posts' ID to prevent any file naming depravities. The server is already too occupied with 2 character images.

I'm also thinking about turning the HTML_KEYWORDS into useful tags. It doesn't seem much too difficult to generate a few pages based on common variables, but I don't know if it would find much real use. But then, clicking on things has always been enticing and I do want to prove to myself that I can do it in a simple way. 30 lines of code? Something like that. We'll see.

It's all very charming - typing some sort of a journal entry on Brouk again. Here's one for you, the sadists and cretins - certainly there is a statement in embalming oneself in the fluids of a spiked fish, that statement sounds: "When the drips stop floating, how far will you go to save your goat from drowning?" Statement... Hah. You people should know better. You've began missing your shots the moment you convinced yourselves that life is meant to be enjoyed. "It's just a ride, tee-hee." Congratulations, you're a slave to pleasure. But then you slap pat yourself on the forehead, realizing we all are.

To those who are looking for change, start with language. You can't change the way you think, as many spiritualists and self-proclaimed gurus would have you believe, but you can change the way you express your thoughts.

Don't worry.

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