The Return of automa basic

It's March 8th, 2023.

I have decided that I no longer wish to write html posts by hand (again). Everything was automatized, but individual articles would still have to be written in html. And I hate markdown (?). I've also grown to despise CSS. I blame the old-computer-challenge folks, but they have a point. I think so anyway.

Therefore I have finished the rudimentary automa-basic plain text html language and am in the process of recreating the whole site. Even though I hardly use gemini, I like its syntax. Except for the single line paragraphs policy. So I adopted some of the ideas for my own language. I have previously mentioned such a project last year in andre - the plain text html manager, but I have rewritten the program from scratch.

I will write more on how I achieved this and release the program eventually. I paid some attention to making sure it's portable. As with andre, everything is pure ksh and is thus (my) _the_ way to have something manage your website on a completely native OpenBSD installation. No more markdown dependencies.

Old links will work for the foreseeable future, but all new content will be simplified in the form of triapul.cz/page-title. Written content anyway. I have yet to tackle the galleries.

The unusual 'menu' links are currently at the top of the homepage:

This is a time of great change. Bear with us.

ksh is king

Tags are coming back and work the same way as previously. Depending on the language of the post, selecting a tag will filter it by that language. Language-less posts (for now just the [img] tag) are listed in both languages. Do note that not all posts are currently present in the new archive and some links in them will be broken.

The old tags still work. Ie:

Also I am sorry to say that I am retiring the AUTOMA weblogzine name in favor of triapul's gopher AUTOMA phlog. The new automa-basic program is named plainandahalf.ksh, so... welcome plainadandahalf!.

I was quite happy with the old look of triapul, but there will be changes in that department as well, I am sure. Veronika will stay of course. Onwards to further minimalism.




Everything still works, just not predictably.


And as always: