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three and a half is your sister's second favorite hacker.'s quickguide is a surrealistic output of Czech followers of pure psychic automatism in the digital world of the children of Unix. Be not alarmed, dear visitor. triapul is a place for free-thinking authors of useful programs, poets, theoreticians, illustrators, painters, collage-makers and all sorts of admirers of artistry in the sphere of surrealism.

While triapul may not appeal to the general user of various web projects of corporate entities and estabilished templates of freely distributed blog platforms, it will make sense to the veteran of the free internet. To the rest, here is the triapul quickguide for the wandering soul.

Fool's internet, aka 'what should I be tapping?'

We too once stood astounded before the CRT screens of our machines, staring into the void of what we now call the internet.

triapul is (apart for the Czech numeral 'three and a half,' the dimensions of an ancient media carrier, the make of a toothpaste and the time when bears go to sleep) an internet social platform powered by the code of a number of hackers of the operating system known as OpenBSD.


The main page serves as a crossroad into various spaces that is a host of. It also lists a few of the latest posts by the local authors, who make up the local content. The curious soul will appreciate the archive of all posts in the archive of twats.

The illusion of a command line at the top of each page works as the button back, or up (to whom this will make sense).

The main attraction are the various profiles of local creators listed below the command line that offer apart for their contact information, their creative outputs. For example:

The basic principle of websites remains unchanged - what is underscored will carry you someplace else.

social network?

Most content on is handled by the automaton known as twat2. Individual posts are called twats. twat2 both creates a database of all twats in the aforementioned archive and lists the more valuable posts on each creators' personal page. Each twat has a unique indentifier in the bottom right corner, which also serves as a hard link to each post. The format is thus$ID.html

Some veterans of the web-surfing sport may appreciate that all local content is created with the emphasis on compatibility with terminal web browsers and old computers. The everyday mobile browser should also appreciate good functionality on pocket hardware. All of it in plain html.

gopher holes behind the iron curtain

The digital presence of triapul does not occupy just the mediocre web space. A few will surely appreciate that triapul is slowly inching its magnetic claws into the dark side of the internet to play a supportive role in the creation of new content in alternative parts of the digital space.

For all those, who allow themselves to be let go off the supremacy of the commercial web-space, there is triapul gopher, offering exclusive gopher content.

Should you find yourself afraid of the illusion of the 'dark' internet, 9 out of 10 dentists recommend changing the background color of your terminal emulator.

free your digital companions

Replace your proprietary slavers with free software.

run BSD

All local content is published in CC-BY-NC-ND license: share it, don't sell it.

manuals of triapul programs


free simplistic pure (psychic) html gallery written in ksh.

## usage
Usage: teige [-h] [-v] [file] [-a]

-h      Display this help text.

-v      Display version information.

-a      Forward new posts to andré_bot.

## initialization
teige looks for configuration in $HOME/.teige. If $HOME/.twat exists the user
is guided through an interactive creation of the configuration file, sourced
from twat's configuration.

## configuration
The configuration file is a list of variables that teige uses when constructing
new posts and/or rebuilds the gallery. The variables are:

AUTOR		#username
PROFILOVKA	#path to profile picture
CSS		#path to custom css style sheet
WEB		#path to teige's online root directory
LOCAL		#path to a local directory where teige keeps a record of posts
		#used for rebuilding the site
NAME		#users (full) name
MOTTO		#h2 tag in /index.html
BIO		#p tag in /index.html
TAGS		#optional tags that are used on every new post

## notes
the triapul version is a notably modified portable version of teige.

## authors
teige was created by Tomáš Rodr and František Haifler in 2022.

teige 0.9.6		2022


component content management system for html

## usage
twat [-h] [-v] [-aABDeEFJi] [-m] [-I ID] [-bFmR] 

## flags
twat2 can be run with the following flags

-h 		Display this help text.

-v		Print the current version.

-a		Reply to a twat by ID. Can be used with -I.

-A		Tell andré to share the twat on telegram.

-b[FmR]		Build site from new content.
		Use with -F to force rebuilding of entire 
		site. Use with -m to rebuild user page ($USER/index.html).
		Use with -R to rebuild /index.html.

-B		Twat is a book.

-c [file]	Supply an alternative configuration with user variables.

-D		DON'T POST TWAT TO /index.html. twat will
		still appear in archív twatů.

-e		edit twat by ID. Can be used with -I.

-E		define html LANG as LANG=en-US (post in English)

-f [file]	attach file (skip writing a twat). File must be
		in html format.

-F		Force rebuilding of all twats. (After twatting.) Or use
		with -b.

-J              Kdo to je?

-i		Interactive mode 

-I [ID]		Define ID for -a, -r, -e.

-m		Edit user index. Use with -b to rebuild /$USER/index.html.
		Use with -t to write a new twat and post it on /$USER/index.html.

-P		Post as Puffy.

-r		remove twat by ID.

-R		Edit root index.html. Use with -b to rebuild all index.html files.

-t		Include a TITLE, TAGS and a DESCription.
		Leave either empty for default values: '$ID, twat, 
		magnetický příspěvek.'

## configuration
twat2 looks for configuration in ~/.twat. The configuration file .twat can 
include the following variables:

AUTOR		Username.
PROFILOVKA	Path to profile picture.
EDITOR		Editor to use for editing.
DOMOV		Root of user's web directory.	
TAGS		Keywords to use in html headers.

Only the variable AUTOR is mandatory. DOMOV must be otherwise set, if name of the root
directory differs from AUTOR. 

Alternative configuration files can be supplied with
the -c [file] flag.

## inter-active mode (Posting images and links)
Since version 2.6 twat no longer recognizes -i and -u flags
as methods for posting images and URLs respectively. This method
has been replaced with the -i flag which now presents the
user with a rudimentary loop allowing for a construction of a twat
via several shortcuts that allow for multiple paragraphs, images,
URLs and headings without the need to supply HTML tags, which was
previously necessary if a user wanted to add multiple images or
URLs. The output is continously printed as long as a user remains
in inter-active mode. 

Inter-active mode exits into a prompt asking the user whether they
are satisfied with the output and offers the ability to edit the 
whole twat in $EDITOR. 

## example .twat configuration
PROFILOVKA="/profilovka.png" #picture is in website.web/profilovka.png
DOMOV=/profil	# user's index is website.web/profil/index.html

## examples
	twat			post a text only twat

	twat -i			post a twat in interactive mode 

	twat -f [txt]		attach a prewritten html file 
				(skip writing a twat)
	twat -mtP [txt]		attach a prewritten html file and publish 
				it on my page

	twat -a -I [ID]		reply to a twat [ID]
	twat -e -I [ID]		edit a twat [ID]

## caveats
For the sake of brevity, various easter eggs are not described
in this document. 

## authors
The twat2 program was originally created by Tomas Rodr 
with the help of Barbora Bacova in 2021.

twat-2.6-andre-quest		2022