A simple pure (psychic) html image gallery manager written in ksh.

A simple pure (psychic) html image gallery manager written in ksh.

teige aims to provide a simple method of creating and managing a personal online image gallery without the need to touch any html code. It strives to be light and efficient.

Each posted image exists as its individual web page. The main page presents previews and links to these.


teige makes use of ImageMagick's convert to generate previews of pictures to save bandwidth and memory. It also uses ftp to fetch remote images and is written in ksh.


teige will run on any system that has KornShell and ImageMagick. ftp may cause issues. Future versions will offer alternative methods.


Usage: teige [-h] [-v] [-bFU] [-c config] [ -e ID ] [-r ID] [file]

An online manual currently exists here.

Running teige for the first time will generate a new configuration file in $HOME/.teige.conf. Edit this file. It provides examples and explanations.

teige is not a gallery generator, rather it is a content manager.

$ teige #rebuilds index.html - useful when updating bio or profile picture
$ teige file #post an image to gallery
$ teige -e ID #edits a post
$ teige -r ID #removes a post
$ teige -b file #post a new image and blur the preview
$ teige -F #rebuilds the entire gallery
$ teige -U url #attempt to post a remote image - use ftp


teige is named after Karel Teige, a Czechoslovak surrealist, collagist and erotist.

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profile picture - obrázek autora

Karel Teige

13. prosince 1900 – 1. října 1951

žena s nohama v hrudi Koláž 306 nahý hamlet a důlník paní v kaktusu pruhovaná paní nahá zebra